Saturday, June 29, 2013

Featured CDHer~ Tracey



My name is Tracey and I am a cdh survivor. I am 33 years old. Back in 1980 I was born with a left sided cdh. I wasn't breathing so I was life flighted to another hospital. I went through 12 hours of surgery and given a 40 percent chance to live. I was given my last rights several times and they had to bring me back once also. I had a breathing tube put in my left side because my lung collapsed. I was put on oxygen and stayed in the nicu for 4 months. When I came home I was still on a feeding tube until 6 months. I managed to live a pretty normal life. I have had 3 healthy children and 8 surgeries to correct problems from my anatomy being a mess with my most recent open abdominal surgery to remove my appendix which was attached to  my spleen. Also my doctor removed a lot of adhesions and tried to rearranged my malrotated intestines. All of my large bowel and colon was  on my left side and all my small bowel was on my right side. I also have a kidney that is upside down. My liver is in the center and looks like I have two of them. Everything works correctly so I guess I can't complain. I keep on going and take one day at a time. To all of you who were born with cdh never give up. I have made it this far fighting and so can you!