Weight gain

"The goal is to add calories while still preparing for long-term healthy eating patterns,"

(Adding Vitamins to your Child's Daily regime could also help.)

*Carnation instant breakfast®  added to whole milk
*Real Butter added to foods
*Sour cream
*Protein shakes

Relatively healthy foods with high energy densities:
*Pasta tossed with with olive or canola oil and shredded cheese.  
*Nuts - almonds, pecans, pistachios, peanuts (technically a legume), cashews, etc. 
*Dried fruit - raisins, fruit leathers, and dried bananas are good for weight gain. 
*Higher calories vegetables include peas, corn, potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes.  
*mashed potatoes made with butter and cream.
*nutritious high calorie drinks, like fruit and vegetable juices.
* fruit with real whipped cream for some extra calories. 
*macaroni and cheese

Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of nonfat dry milk powder to: 
casseroles, muffins, cooked cereal, pancakes, cream soups, peanut butter, custard, puddings, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, meatloaf, whole milk, milkshakes, and yogurt

For extra protein, eat more of these foods:
 eggs, milk, cheese, peanut butter, cottage cheese, puddings, legumes, ricotta cheese, meats, and yogurt

Add extra margarine or butter to: 
cooked cereal, rice, pasta dishes, sandwiches, potatoes, and vegetables 

Add cheese to:
 casseroles, meatloaf, crackers,  sandwiches, hamburgers, soups, mashed potatoes,and vegetables 

Spread cream cheese or peanut butter on:
 crackers, muffins, fruit slices, pancakes, graham crackers, and pretzels

~Raising Healthy Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Children~

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Ashly Limerick said...

Hello,My name is Ashly and I have a 5 year old son who was born with CDH. I must say that the first year of his life was quite challenging.But we made it through some amazing milestones. The one thing that we struggle with is getting him to eat some of the high calorie foods he needs to gain weight. If anyone has any ideas or tricks?I'm all ears!