Featured Child

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Children are So Strong and Extremely Courageous. These Children's Fighting Spirit and Will Amaze us all.

"Be Inspired" by their stories. Have you ever witnessed a Miracle? Well here on "Raising Diaphragmatic Hernia Children's Blog" you will read about MANY! The Ups and Downs of their journey will keep your eyes glued to the screen while your hearts will be racing! Each and every one of their stories could be featured on a Movie made right in Hollywood.

As a Parent of a CDH child myself I marvel at my daughter daily. I am just humbled at how far she has come. She will forever be the strongest person I know!

If you have a CDH child and want to share your journey you can email me at mycdhlife@gmail.com. I'd love to highlight your Child's story.

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