G-tube Choices

Mini One Verses Mickey G Tubes
(Note the Mini One is a 14 FR 2.0CM and the Mickey is a 14FR 1.7CM)

My daughter started with a Mickey g tube and I decided to ask for a Mini-One a few months after the g tube was placed. So here was the differences I noticed when we switched from the Mickey to the Mini One. (Remember this is my opinion.)

* Mini One is much smaller in size than the Mickey.
* Less skin irritation and within a few days all redness was gone around the stoma.
* SOFTER and much more comfortable then the Mickey. (Very bendable.)
* The Mini One extensions are a lot more durable and bigger than the Mickey.
* The valve keeps working (DOESN"T LEAK AT ALL WHEN LEFT OPEN.) throughout the life of the Mini One. The Mickey valve only lasted for about a week and then I'd have to have a towel because her stomach contents would come back out the Mickey. (This reason is enough to switch!)
* The Mini One will connects and and can be used with the Mickey extensions. Great things since many hospitals carry the Mickey's.

They both are easily insertable and can be done by a parent or guardian in the privacy of your own home.

I hope this helps you make a wise and informed choice of what G-tube button is right for your child.

~Terri Helmick