Saturday, May 3, 2014

Featured CDHer~ Lillian

Lillian 3

My name is Amanda I was 18 when I married my husband and 20 when I had my first child. We named her Lillian when I was about 30 weeks pregnant we were sent to a specialist due to the fact that she wasn't growing much they brushed it off and said my due date was to soon and moved it 2 weeks later. But she ended up being 2 weeks early and was born... 5lb 14oz. She was perfect nothing wrong and we were able to go home 48 hours later. We though she was a healthy little girl just on the small side. A month went by still perfect and we thought she was healthy. The morning my husband was suppose to deploy she awoke crying and gasping for air. Right away we knew something was wrong we rushed her to the emergency room, after a few tests they ordered a chest ex ray. Minutes late the doctor walked in saying 50 percent of her left lung was collapsed and the other half was filled with her intestines and it was CDH the 3 words no parent wants to hear. We were rushed by ambulance to mercy children's hospital 2 hours away with in a few hours she was sent to emergency surgery about 2 hours later she was brought back to us with 5 different incision. The first night was hard but She did so well after surgery we got to leave the next day! Recovery was long but we made it though with no pro. We were so blessed that we had it for the most part easy. Being a young mom is no easy task but  when u find out your baby's sick everything changes and you realize just how strong you are. I'm so blessed that my husband got to stay back for a few extra weeks to be their for us. She is now almost 5 months old and doing amazing we aren't sure what to expect from her lcdh diagnosis in the future but as of now we take it one day at a time and cherish every day with our little girl.

Lillian 1

Lillian 2


Raelyn said...

Hello there!! First things first. Lillian is, as my phrase goes, Beautifully Unique!! ;-D
I, too, was born with CDH. I am thirty years old, now!! I was also undiagnosed at first, because the doctors--who were watching me--did not know what was ailing my failure-to-thrive little body. As resulted {Like with Lillian} my lung collapsed. As an adult survivor, I haven't got any CDH-related health issues other than mild asthma which did not develop until I was 21. ;)
Love you later, Raelyn

Stephanie Tylor said...

Amanda, I have to tell you are a really lucky mother. Lillian looks like an angel. I hope she keeps smiling like this throughout her life. Among the different types of hernias cdh is the worst. But you don't have to keep worrying about her cdh diagnosis, for some the problem deteriorates itself when they grow older.

Cameron Von St James said...

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